Miner sees long future for bowen basin coal

Miner sees long future for bowen basin coal

The Minerals Management Service (MMS) has said that the government will invest up to £20m over the next three years to develop the Bowen Basin coalfield, a coal-ri바카라ch catchment basin at the heart of Britain’s largest inland mine.

The UK government is set to announce plans to increase its investment in Bowen Basin coalfields in the next three years after receiving an investment report from the agency. The report, produced by consulting company Deloitte, said the UK may be able to invest in about a million tonnes of coal, enough to supply 30 per cent of Britain’s total electricity needs.

The Bowen Basin is one of the largest deposits of coal found in the UK. According to recent statistics, about 600,000 tonnes of the mine were produced in 2010.

Dirty coal

But despite recent signs of coal being re-emitted from the Bowen Basin and in some places, coal will be pumped out of the mine, a risk that is being considered by the government and the UK’s utilities.

The current mine’s operator, National Grid, confirmed the coal will be extracted and delivered to the power network, but added that no-one had ever used the area to mine coal before.

„In the past 20 years Bowen Basin has become the world’s largest commercial coal mine,“ said one industry industry source, who asked to remain anonymous. „Its proximity to electricity supplies brings up problems, such as the burning of coal which leaches contaminants into the environment.

„The mine still generates more energy than a nuclear power plant will generate. But many locals fear that the mines near to the coal mine could become less productive as it is increasingly difficult to obtain coal due to competition from cheap, low-carbon alternatives.“

Deloitte, which has a branch in Britain, has also warned about the future of the Bowen Basin, saying it has a „very high degree of sensitivity to changes to the [coal] sector, including [the] supply of coal from Bowen Basin coal.“

Deloitte also said Bowen Basin could also see a return of cojarvees.comal mining in northern Britain, where „low-cost, low-pollution coal“ has replaced higher-cost, coal mined from the Bowen Basin.

„To address these potential future challenges, Bowen Basin Mine will invest further in existing activities such as improving its infrastructure and reducing mine use,“ it concluded.

The Minerals Management Service sai

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